"KadiBear the child has a love"


Green forest of the center a beautiful cotton vegetable garden
Guardian of the bear family vegetable garden for a job well done as
Cady Bear is the god of the ancient forest friendly awarded the title of Bear
Cotton fields in this day an uninvited guest suddenly came
The edge of the original forest has a camping ground up team
A little girl named Maya
Because the race was undefeated always lose friends laugh
She ran into the forest under discouraged
Not lost his way carefully
Guardian of the bear broke into the family garden in cotton
Cady bear incarnation as a small boy
In listening to the little girl's talk after the completion
He also make efforts to find joy in learning Maya
Taught her how to care for each other and communicate with other children
To help rebuild confidence in the Maya
Cady launch Bear Bear Family members posing as children of all
They return to camp
In swimming, running and weightlifting and other projects to help overcome the rival Mayan
Maya on the podium when the faces of the confident smile
The Cady has been returned to the era of a guardian's cotton fields
Years later, the story of Cady Bear handed down in Italy
One more with Milan aristocrats named Cady bear his children's wear design
Since then, a symbol of warmth and care of children's clothing brand
Italian infant products become permanent legend